How Deadpool and Fox Home Entertainment Dominated the World

Marketing Campaign

A campaign that turned an underrated comic book smart ass into a legend... (with an ass that won’t quit)

Subtlety isn’t Deadpool’s game so we thrust the spandex-wearing superhero’s goods directly into the faces of fans. AND THEY LOVED IT. Thanks to our immensely successful digital marketing efforts, Deadpool is Fox’s BEST PERFORMING Digital HD title to date.

Even with a kick-ass story, and enough ass-accentuating spandex to make some moviegoers blush, the Home Entertainment campaign faced unique challenges:

  1. Re-energize and engage devoted fans and newcomers alike
  2. Accessible initiatives that accentuate hilarious tone of film

The outrageous, self-aware personality of our anti-hero allowed for content ranging from bawdy Snapchat stories to hilarious erectile dysfunction parodies, as well as unprecedented use of Facebook Livestreaming to connect fans to the filmmakers. Each effort perfectly captured the tone of the film and got audiences noticeably excited (if you know what we mean).

Fox Home Entertainment
Deadpool Home Entertainment Global Marketing Campaign
What We Did
  • Social creative & campaign management
  • Original Videos
  • Interactive Media Panel
  • Snapchat Stories
  • iTunes Takeover
  • Targeted online media campaign

Fox Home Entertainment’s most successful digital release EVER.

In terms of sales, Deadpool came fast and hard. With 200 million impressions on social media and extensive organic media coverage, the obsessive reaction of fans was a dangerous stroke to Deadpool’s already massive ego. In the end, the expansive and unprecedented digital campaign became Fox’s best performing Digital HD title to date.